Tips On: How To Dress For The Occasion

6 Tips On How To Wear Going Out Dresses

Going out on a special evening with your loved one is probably the most momentous occasion of your life, and having the right set of clothing is pivotal. You need to make an impression, whether it’s a first date, or a regular outing with your boyfriend/husband, finding the right set of attire is extremely important. One bad move and everything could be ruined for you. To start off, we must look at the available options for our going out dresses, so lay everything out from your closet and onto your bed, its time for a few tips on how to select your perfect day dress

  1. First priority – red

When it comes to going out dresses, the color red is probably the best and the safest option to wear. You may have noticed that many people who go out usually wear something with a shade of red. This is because a recent study was conducted in which it was deduced that red is the color that all men are attracted to. This study was conducted by showing a group of men a few pictures of the same woman wearing the same clothes but of different color in each photo. According to the survey, about 67 percent of the men chose red as the most preferable look for the woman. Start off with a nice red blouse to go with your black tights. Add in a pair of sunglasses if you are going out during the day, or else a small handbag may do the trick. It may also be good to wear leather boots, they would help one blend in. If you do not own a red blouse, best look for a skirt of the same color or a shade of red. The skirt would go marvelous with a black leather jacket or sweater. You may also use red lipstick to add extra effect to your look.

  1. A summer dress

Let’s face it, frankly, most of us who go out all dressed up don’t just go out to feel clean or neat in front of everyone, but to also look touchable to your loved one. This is yet another great going out dress option for your outing, and if you want to wear something that is simple and elegant, and not cheap looking either, then this option is best for you. For this attire, you will need a jacket, preferably a denim jacket with an undershirt, or even a chambray shirt would do the trick. Add a summer loving skirt to the bottom and ankle boots for a complete refreshing look. If you think that the message may not be conveyed to the significant other, than you may also try wearing killer heals, they would help attract more attention, and would send a message that you are here for a fun night out.


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