Tanning Tablets | 10 Things You Should Know Today!

If you are looking to get a beautiful, natural tan, there are many methods that you can choose, from tanning beds to tanning skin creams, but there are plenty of other options. A really great way achieve darker skin naturally is through the use of tanning tablets. Tanning pills come in different varieties and include many different ingredients. Most of the time, they contain beta carotene, as well as a variety of antioxidants. Other vitamins can include vitamin c, vitamin e, selenium, zinc and manganese. Tanning pills seek to increase your body’s ability to produce melanin, which would speed up the tanning process.

beta tanning pillsThese pills boast that they can help you maintain proper skin pigmentation as well as preventing oxidative cell damage. These pills can help you reduce risks of skin damage against UV radiation as well as give your skin anti-aging qualities. Some tanning pills can be used in conjunction with tanning while others require minimal sun exposure. Either way, it is important to start with healthy skin before any tanning regimen and these pills often contain naturally occurring substances found in plants and animals. Tanning pills can be healthy and supportive to your skin vs. tanning beds and tanning sprays that are incredibly dangerous and toxic.

Tanning tablets are typically recommended to take several times a day for 2-3 weeks and then go through a maintenance period after that to keep your skin colour. If too many tanning pills are taken, you can expect an orange colour in the palms of your hands, so it is important to follow the recommended instructions. Tanning pills do not provide any sun protection to your skin and is not known to make your skin more weak to burning – they affect your skin pigment from the inside out. Melanin tablets are expected to add a natural looking glow and skin darkening when taken properly.

Sceptics to tanning pills will emphasize that these supplements are not approved as tanning agents by the Food and Drug Administration. Canthaxanthin, the main ingredient to most melanin pills, as it is similar to beta carotene tanning pills, can cause a yellowing of the eyes that can lead to yellow crystals in some cases. It is important to note that with tanning pills, as with any supplement, need to be researched for safety and effectiveness before taking on a regular basis. Consulting your doctor about your tanning desires may be your best option for a safe darker skin colour.

If your goal is to spend less time in the sun and still achieve the benefits of a dark, rich tan, then tanning pills are exactly the product that you need. If you are traveling and do not want to risk burning, either before or after your trip, tanning supplements can add to your confidence in looking like a local. Many people end up causing permanent skin damage and risk skin cancer to achieve that perfect tan, and tanning pills allow you to look great and do it in a completely natural way.

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