Fashion Stores Uses Best Chip And Pin Machine

Many companies large and small have started to use mobile chip and pin machines. It hasn’t taken long for others to catch on that this is a smart move. Why the hype? Before deciding if this payment option would be right for your small business, take a moment to learn more about their convenience.

Customer Service

contactlessThe benefits of a mobile chip and pin machine are immense. Most shoppers today tend not to carry cash, and they spend twenty percent more when paying by card and payment is guaranteed. Shoppers also have stronger customer confidence with businesses that offer card payment. If customer retention wasn’t enough to sell you, card machines record every sale, to make inventory and sales analysis easy. A mobile chip and pin machine allows you to focus on what matters and really emphasize customer interaction and satisfaction. With a mobile chip and pin machine there is no barrier between the sales person and the customer. Without having to take someone’s card, behind a desk, to as huge cash register. Sales become more fluid and streamlined. No one likes spending money, but it is a lot easier if the process has less formality. With a mobile chip and pin device you can be where the customer is.


While removing the barrier of the sales desk can make the customer more comfortable, it also enhances your store’s security. Because the sales clerks are always on the floor there is less chance for shoplifting. Potential thieves just don’t have the opportunity with the clerks roaming the floor. Customers also feel more at ease handing over their card for just a moment rather than having the clerk walk away with it. Mobile chip and pin machines accidentally have a positive influence on security.

New Developments

Creative programmers have developed innovative software and hardware to make the mobile chip and pin machine even more accessible. For example, start-ups like Square and Payleven sell technology that turns your phone or tablet into a chip and pin machine. These devices not only increase efficiency, but simply impress customers.

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