Designer Tory Burch Crossbody Bags

Designer Tory Burch Crossbody Bags

Since setting up shop in early 2004, Tory Burch has established herself as one of the premier designers of the twenty-first century. After working in the fashion world for over ten years, Burch struck out on her own. Recognizing a niche in woman’s fashion, Burch left her position at Ralph Lauren to open her own brand. Since then her popularity has sky-rocketed and her collections have made her one of the wealthiest women in the United States. Forbes has estimated her net worth at right around one billion dollars.

handbag1Ever since Prince wore a studded Tory Burch tunic on stage at the 2008 Coachella Music Festival, Burch’s designs have become household names and everyone’s envy. Many of Tory’s styles can also be seen on the television series Gossip Girl, where they are often used. The Tory Burch style has been referred to as preppy bohemian luxe and can be recognized by its casual and versatile design. One of her most timeless and popular items has been her bags. With versatile styles that can compliment any sort of aesthetic, Tory Burch bags celebrate the active and eclectic woman.

Tory Burch Crossbody bags are a great accessory to accent or enhance any outfit. With so many different styles to choose from, there is a Burch bag suitable for any occasion. With an emphasis on casual class, Tory Burch uses high end materials to make her iconic designer handbags. Using quality Italian leathers and gold hardware, Burch bags are artfully crafted for effortless style. Burch’s designs also focus on versatility which just means that there are many ways to rock the same handbag or crossbody bag.

Burch Bag’s cater to the modern woman with smart designs to make life easier. The Tory Burch Crossbody bag includes a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap to make it great for styling the bag with several outfits. The bag’s superior linings and safe pockets ensure that your personal items are always secure and comfy. Even if that wasn’t enough to make it an impressive luxury item, the attention to detail with the bag’s quality stitching and gold accents places it’s ranking high in the world of fashion.

If you are searching for an accessory that will compliment any outfit, set you apart, and stand the test of time search no further than the Tory Burch crossbody bag. It’s intelligent, luxurious, and classic design will always be in style.

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