6 Tips On: How To Dress For The Occasion

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 3. For first timers

What to wear on your first night out? If you are a first timer and think that trying a new and unique going out dress is going to be a good thing, believe us, it is not always the case. Having a first time out does not mean that you need to experiment with your attire to find something new and daring to wear. The most important thing is to choose what you feel comfortable in. Try to wear the clothing that best suits your personal style, and if you are trying to look fake just for some guy you met a few days ago, then it’s probably not worth it. Show off your style in public, and feel proud about it. Having to slip into something uncomfortable does not only make it difficult for you, but also the other party.

   4. Choose your own style

Going out does not mean that you need to adapt to some trend or some style. If you are comfortable with some style, or you look good in some dress, then by all means, wear it. It does not have to be extremely formal or fancy to impress the guy. If you look good in some jeans, wear them immediately. Throw in a killer top that would amaze your guy and others around him, and bring in the finishing blow with an attractive set of heels and accessorising. And there you have it, your own customised going out dress that perfectly matches your style! But keep one thing in mind, no matter what you dress like, always have confidence in what you wear. A man is always attracted to a woman’s confidence, rather than her clothing.

   5. Always wear the appropriate dress

There are many different types when it comes to going out dresses, each with their own unique set of features and occasions. One cannot expect to go into the military by wearing a pre-school uniform. The same way, clothing while going out also needs to be changed according to the occasion. It is best to always keep a backup summer or formal dress just in case the occasion changes. If he invites you to a picnic in the park, better choose a nice pair of sandals, denim shorts and a pretty brightly coloured blouse. If he invites you to dinner, then a formal arrangement might be in order. Choose your attire wisely!

   6. Don’t Go Overboard On The Makeup!

Ladies, one major thing that all of us do that we shouldn’t, overdo our facial make-up. We sometimes put on so much that many times we cannot even recognise our own faces. If you are into make-up and cannot resist adding some of your own, why not try a little mascara to make those eyes stand out, and lightly add a bit of gloss to those lips. Avoid using a lot of powder or fake eyelashes, they backfire in some cases and believe me, its not pretty.

No matter what dress you choose for your big night out, always remember, and be yourself. No matter how you dress, in the end your man chose you for who you are, not what you put on every day.

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